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    BME680: understanding measurements in a sleeping room

    BME680: understanding measurements in a sleeping room

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    I am running a bme680 BSEC with the 28d days configuration in a ventilated sleeping room, in parallel there is an IR-CO2 meter. The devices now run for several weeks.

    Looking in the logs I see this pattern: During the night the CO2 level measured by the IR sensors raise as expected (up to around 1.2K-1.5K) At the same time the resistance of the BME680 increases, which means the air gets better, there sIAQ and CO2e decrease during that time. If, in the morning, the door is opened, the (slow) IR-sensors value decreases a bit and the CO2e raised fast the about the IR-measured value. Too me this looks like the slow increase over night gets filtered somehow by BSEC?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    What is the accuracy level output from BSEC lib? 

    the IAQ output should be identical with dedicated CO2 sensor on the trend of air quality changes. 

    The accuracy level is 3. I do not log it so I can not be 100% sure but all the time I check manually it is 3. I did not check it at night. It was 2 and switching between 2 and 3 for several days, but when I check now sporadically (during the day) it is 3 now for weeks.

    Just to be sure: I am using sIAQ and not IAQ.

    I noticed that the accuracy was 2 this morning (and then changed to 3 while watching). I will log the accuracy and come back with the results.

    How about dogs? Can you make a statements how dogs impact the BSEC algorithms?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    We don't think dogs will impact the BSEC lib output. 

    Can you show us your data log during the night including accuracy level,  temeperature,  relative humidity and sIAQ and eCO2 output?    if you can adding the reference CO2 sensor output as comparision is better.