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    With the BME680 sensor, can the IAQ in BSEC change the acquisition frequency to 1 minute, or the interval can only be 3 seconds or 300 seconds?

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    Only the ULP and LP modes (respectively with 300s or 3s sampling periods) are supported for the gas outputs. Note that the library supports running the IAQ in ULP mode, while Temperature/Pressure/Humidity are running in LP mode. In this configuration you could benefit from a higher refresh rate of T/P/H outputs with the low power consumption of the ULP mode for the gas sensor.

    How would this (different times) be set?

    Also, I am unclear if these intervals mean that I CAN read a new value every 3s, or that I MUST read a new value every 3s. I would be fine with higher consumption of the BME680, as long as the temperature increase is compensated, but I would like to let my ESP32 sleep for 2mins, since it increases the measured temperature of the sensor on the same board by more than a degree if left running.

    For air quality sensing, the data rate MUST be constant (except with small exception the ULP+ mode).

    Well, it is constant, it is polled every 2min (withconfig/generic_33v_3s_4d/bsec_iaq.txt setting). But I guess that should read "Every 3s interval has to be read"?

    It was mentioned that T/H/P could be configured LP, and the gas sensor ULP. How would I do that?

    I woulld like to have my ESP32 sleeping as much as possible, since it causes a very noticable temperature offset, but on the other hand have temperature updates at least every 2 minutes.