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    BME688 DevKit - Deployment of BSEC Config / Serialized Configurations Selectivity Error

    BME688 DevKit - Deployment of BSEC Config / Serialized Configurations Selectivity Error

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    i've created a model with BME AI-Studio from the coffee example. I now want to deploy this model through the basic_config_state.ino file by replacing the line 

    #include "config/FieldAir_HandSanitizer/FieldAir_HandSanitizer.h"
    #include "config/Kaffee/Kaffee.h" 
    (i've created the respective folder in the .../src/config directory and dropped my "Kaffee.c" and "Kaffee.h" file in there)
    When i try to flash this model to my BME688 DevKit with the Arduino IDE i get the following error:
    fatal error: bsec_serialized_configurations_selectivity.h: No such file or directory
    #include "bsec_serialized_configurations_selectivity.h"
    compilation terminated.
    I've found multiple topics explaining on how to deploy models to the DevKit but still can't succeed in running my own model on the DevKit in the example code. The shown error has not been mentioned.

    Can someone explain the steps on how to deploy the model properly? I exported my BSEC config files to the SD-Card as well. BSEC Version is and i'm using this example to replace the include in.
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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi faulehenne,

    You can download latest BSEC2.4.0.0 package from
    There is Arduino example project under folder "BSEC2.4.0.0_Generic_Release_23012023\examples\BSEC_Integration_Examples\examples\bsec_iot_example" for your reference.

    After you train data and export config file in BME AI-Studio, to deploy config file to BME688 dev kit, you could copy .aiconfig and .config files to SD card; to deploy config file to Arduino software, you could replace your config file(.c, .h) to "BSEC2.4.0.0_Generic_Release_23012023\examples\BSEC_Integration_Examples\src\config\Selectivity_Config.c" and "BSEC2.4.0.0_Generic_Release_23012023\examples\BSEC_Integration_Examples\src\config\Selectivity_Config.h".


    i copied my .aiconfig and config files to the SD card. After replacing the Selectivity_Config.h and Selectivity_Config.c with my files and copying them to the examples directory as well as copying the bsec_interfaces.h and bsec_datatypes.h to the example directory the compiling still fails.

    The file that i created with AI Studio includes a file called bsec_serialized_configurations_selectivity.h which can not be found in the whole directory. After finding one in an older release and importing it - the compiling still fails with the compilation error

    "Selectivity_config" was not declared in this scope (line 262 of bsec_iot_example.ino)

    I've tried multiple ways of finding the file in fresher releases.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi faulehenne,

    If you cannot find the file during compilation, you need to check if your compilation environment contains the correct path and includes the file to be compiled in the code.