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    BME688 Development board (Adafruit + 8xBME688) - Gas sensor data decryption

    BME688 Development board (Adafruit + 8xBME688) - Gas sensor data decryption



    This is the first time that I have to work on a gas sensor. So, I'm posting here because I want to have more information about the data of this gas sensor.

    So for my tests, I did some run with the development board ( Adafruit + 8 BME688). For the first run, I tried to "smell" different type of tea and on the second run I tried to "smell" a marker pen. So it works; And on the AI-Studio I saw 10 curves for the gas data. I well understood that each curve depends on the 10 points of the Heater profile (Picture attached).


    So my questions are : What is the use of these 10 curves ? It depends of the kind of gas and their molar fraction ? 

    Ex: For Ethane it is better to see variation of these on the below curve and for the Carbon monoxide is better to see it variation on the upper curve. That's it ?

    Thank you for you precision.


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    Hello fpineau,

    Since for gas scanning, there are 10 heating steps with gas index from 0 to 9, so there are 10 different gas curves in plot.
    The specimen data of the added specimens are split and used for training and verification of the neural net(Trainning and Test Data).