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    BME688 Development board (Adafruit + 8xBME688) - Temperature sensor - offset of 5 degrees+

    BME688 Development board (Adafruit + 8xBME688) - Temperature sensor - offset of 5 degrees+



    On my project, we would to use the BME688 4 in 1 sensor. I already test the COV, humidity and pressuee part.
    And now I work on the temperature sensor BME688. So, I'm posting here because I want to have more information about the data of this temperature sensor.
    I see that in the datasheet the accuracy of this sensor is +/-0.5°C between 0-65°C.

    So for my tests, I did some run with the development board ( Adafruit + 8 BME688) and I put the board in a fidge at 15°C (with a variation of 0.3°C).
    You can see below a 4 days run with the heater profile HP-322 / RDC-3-12. 


    We can see that we have an offset of 5°C. We are far that the accuracy of  +/-0.5°C between 0-65°C.
    Also I see that this offset change with the heater profile.

    So my questions are : Where come from the offset of 5°C ? And I how I can fix it ?

    Thank you for your precision.


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    Hello Robin,

    Thank you for the answer. 

    And if I use an other CPU than ESP for controling the BME688 (Exemple: EFR32 form silabs). So, I just need to take the value from "temp_xlsb", "temp_lsb" and "temp_msb" , make the calcul below and add 5 to the data "temp_comp". It is right? 

    Have a nice day.

    Best regards!
    Mister fpineau

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi fpineau,

    No. You need to refer previous comment to modify offset.