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    BME688 Parallel Mode Parameters

    BME688 Parallel Mode Parameters



    I'm working on a project involving an array of BME688 sensors and I can't use the provided BME68x API code. I'm currently having issues collecting the gas sensing data and was hoping someone could look over the parameters I'm using. Perhaps, I have an error in how I calculate or read my data. I collect data about every 100ms. I'm hoping to add more heater profiles once I get one working. Also, there is a significant current draw once I set the sensors to parallel mode. Thanks for any help!

    osrs_t = 0b001

    osrs_p = 0b010

    osrs_h = 0b100

    iir_filter = 0

    nb_conv = 0b001

    gas_wait_shared = 18

    gas_wait_0 = 20

    res_heat_0 = 193

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello cweaver,

    For you project, could we know the background?
    Do you only need sensor API and get gas resistance value? Not use BSEC algorithm?

    I am collecting TPHG data from an array of 64 BME688 sensors to identify gases. For now, I just want to collect raw gas resistance and may add the BSEC algorithm in the future. When I collect data, the GAS_MSB = 0x00, GAS_LSB = 0x04 and the upper byte of MEAS_STATUS changes from 0xE and 0x8. Let me know if there's any other information I can provide. Thank you so much!

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello cweaver,

    For reading BME688 sensor data with parallel mode, you could directly refer parallel mode example code on github.

    Thank you. I have tried and confirmed that my order of operations is identical to the parallelmode sample. Do you have any insight on approximate parameter values?