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    BME688 Questions

    BME688 Questions



    I am using the BME688x8 DevKit for my final thesis and I have several questions about using it. I have already read all the available documents about it.


    1.1) Do the BME688 sensors on the DevKit use the BSEC Library, or only the Sensor API to generate the raw data files? I believe each sensor has implemented the API.

    1.2) The BSEC is an additional opportunity for the MCU. How does it work together in the DevKit?

    1.3) Is there an auto-calibration in each case?

    2) According to the documents I've read, the temperature and pressure data measurements are filtered (IIR). All sensor data, except for gas data, are oversampled, and the gas data is tuned with a drift compensation factor. However, it is unclear to me whether all these things happen automatically through the API or if they are possibilities when using the BSEC. Are the data points in the raw data file edited?

    3) Does the AI-Studio edit the raw data in any way?

    4) Is there any documentation about the gas sensor material? I read that it is a metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor, but there are many different materials that could be used for gas measurement with different doping materials.


    That were my questions about the DevKit. Thanks for your help.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi MaLeTa,

    BSEC cannot compensate such big temperature differences "the measured temperature values of the eight BME688 showing 40 °C, while there is a real temperature around 21 °C".
    When there is a big difference between the temperature value and the actual temperature, it is first necessary to determine whether it is caused by interference.