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    BME688 and BSEC2 Library for STM32F4 in deep sleep mode

    BME688 and BSEC2 Library for STM32F4 in deep sleep mode



    I will use the BME688 sensor in combination to the BSEC2 library in a Cortex M4 STM32F401 MCU implementation. I want to retrieve the IAQ and sIAQ information from the system. As it is a battery powered device, I will use the Ultra Low Power mode for the BSEC2 + sensor implementation and the standby mode of the MCU where only 4kB of backup SRAM is maintened when the MCU sleeps.

    I understand that to get relevant results, the system must retain the sensor config and some data to get the baseline for the IAQ accurate in time.

    What data should I save in the backup SRAM when my MCU is in standby mode and can it be stored in less than 4kB ? Is it even possible to do that with the BSEC library ?



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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi ECall,

    The current software does not consider the loss of RAM in low-power mode, only for the situation that ram can be remained in low-power mode.
    The minimum current is 2 uA for standby mode. What is the target current requirement? Can't stop with flash in deep power down mode(10 uA) meet your requirements?


    Indeed, as the sensor already draws 0.9 mA in LP mode, the difference between Stop and Standby mode in current consumption  for hte MCU is not much of an influence.