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    BME688 connection to Android App

    Community Moderator

    Re: BME688 connection to Android App

    Hello Livnov_Vitaliy, 


    Thanks for sharing your info. 

    It seems like there is some version compability issue with latest version , so if the comfie file is working, please use it now 🙂 


    Community Moderator

    Re: BME688 connection to Android App

    Please try below steps. ( I tested it again today)


    • Download all latest software
      1. BME688 Dev kit Software (v.1.5.0)
      2. BME688 Dev Android App (v.1.1.3)
      3. AI studio (v1.6.0)


    • Update firmware for BME688 dev kit based on 1.a
    • Gather new data after reset BME688 dev kit (At least, two type of data you need)
    • Run AI studio and learn algorithm, them generate config file. Then, generate BME board configure file.
    • Remove previous bmeconfig and config files in SD card, and copy the files into SD card.
    • Run Android app and connect BME688 dev kit


    Just in case, I attached my test files.

    Thank you.


    Re: BME688 connection to Android App



    I have the same issue. 

    How do you Update firmware for BME688 dev kit based on 1.a ? Is it via arduino or other method, I couldn't find a clear documentation so far? 

    Thanks for your help


    Established Member

    Re: BME688 connection to Android App

    I followed EspressIf's esp32 documentation:

    This left me with a command prompt window where I could flash and file to the esp32-wroom-32e adafruit feather.

    I also setup an Arduino IDE but that took a lot of space.

    on RPI4 it led to these instructions:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install git wget flex bison gperf python3 python3-pip python3-setuptools cmake ninja-build ccache libffi-dev libssl-dev dfu-util libusb-1.0-0
    mkdir -p ~/esp
    cd ~/esp
    git clone --recursive
    cd ~/esp/esp-idf
    python -m pip install --upgrade pip
    . ~/.profile
    ./ esp32,esp32c2,esp32c3

     Then is available to perform the flash. I did:

    . .profile
    esptool --port /dev/ttyUSB0 .........
    Established Member

    Re: BME688 connection to Android App

    From looking at the files, the test files weren't needed.


    Thanks! I haven't proceeded to this point since my confidence levels of actually detecting coffee were pretty low.

    I only purchased a shuttle board since I already have some esp32-wroom-32e adafruit feather boards. 

    I believe I might have not performed the burnin period correctly. I flashed their firmware and just let it blink for a day.

    There's some reading for me to do before I actually have any clue what is really going on.