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    BME688 giving wrong reads after awhile

    BME688 giving wrong reads after awhile

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    Hello everyone, 

    I have a little problem with my new bme688 sensor. Sort breaf: I need to use it for temperature, humidity and pressure, to monitor a grow room. I took this sensor in hope to replace my currentDHT22( as I need pressure measurement as well, DHT22 have only temp and hum). My problem starts after some time, over 30 min, around a couple hours, of good readings my sensor suddenly give 195C and 100% humidity and seems to never come back to normal readings again. I'm using "sSense_BME680.h" library( -, from here)  and arduino Due. It seems I can't make  BSEC or BSEC2, it won't compile on my Due even if I do the steps from github( -, this one).

    i2c breakout that I'm using -

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Radu,

    We haven't tested third-party software. The reference example is this one on GitHub: It is recommended to migrate the reference code to your platform and run.

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    I have encountered a similar problem recently, and I am trying to solve it

    If only that code will work.

    Running the basic example is giving me this error: Library BSEC_Software_Library has been declared precompiled:
    Using precompiled library in C:\Users\d_rad\Documents\Arduino\libraries\BSEC_Software_Library\src\cortex-m3
    The platform does not support 'compiler.libraries.ldflags' for precompiled libraries. I've dont required steps shown here - With or without editing 'platform.txt', the result is the same. That's why I've used that third-party lib and code...that did work but not for long.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Radu, SterlingMinsha,

    As you used BME688, you need to use BSEC2 project. Download software from:

    First, refer the readme file:

    On my ESP8266 platform, I had the following mofication:




    Copy esp8266 version libalgobsec.a lib into SDK lib folder.