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    [BME688] understanding collected data

    [BME688] understanding collected data

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    I using the BME688 sensor, and would like to understand the collected data for basic understanding. The used operating config can be found below. 

    Based on my understanding, every heating profile consists 10 sampling on a pre-defined time (same in each cycle). The maximum selectable heating profile is 4 which means that in any case at least two sensor would operating at the same time, i.e., collecting data labeled with the same timestamp. Furthermore, the selected heating profiles have the following duration; 18.34s, 10.78s, 24.64s, 26.88s. This would mean that two sensor (10.78s) should collect approx 2.3, and two (18.34s) approx 1.4 times of data than the other four (24.64s and 26.88s).

    But I experienced the following:

    • Grouping the collected data by the Real time clock label
      • there are lines where only 1 or 2, 3, ..., 16 data is collected.
      • In the 48% of the time odd number of data collected.
    • Grouping  the collected data by the Sensor Index label
      • 4 sensor collected 2050 data, while the other four 6073, 6074, 6074, 6083, i.e. the ratio is approx 3

    Could you please help me understanding why

    1. Why we have periods where odd number of data is collected (it is understood why it is bigger than 8, but not bigger than 16)?
    2. Why 4 sensor collected exactly the same amount of data (and why the others variating)?
    3. Why the collected data ratios are not the expected 2.5, 2?


    Thanks, Peter


    • heater profiles: HP-301, HP-354, HP-411, HP-501
    • duty cycle: RDC-1-0-Continous
    • Board Layout: Grouped


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello PeterSinkovicz,

    Could we know which product you want to design?

    Hello PeterSinkovicz,

    What we need to understand here is about the board layout and the sensor configuration

    Default can be something like this when we have the mentioned profiles (18.34 sec - HP 301,10.78 sec - HP 354, 24.64 sec - HP 411
    26.88 sec - HP 501)

    board layout and the sensor configuration.png

    This would mean Sensors 1,2 belong to HP354 and others as shown in the board layout

    Here the duty cycling is RDC 1-0 (Continuous) , we are not sure what the user has configured at your end.

    It would be better if the you can share config file generated for this data collection.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello PeterSinkovicz,

    Do you have further feedback?