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    BME68x reporting BME68X_E_COM_FAIL

    BME68x reporting BME68X_E_COM_FAIL

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    I am using the development board from Bosch which houses 8 BME688 modules with stacking headers talking to the ADAFRUIT Feather ESP32 board. I have installed BSEC 2.0. I have gotten the infrastructure running (i.e BSEC intializaiton looks fine - with the basic_config_state.ino from the BSEC 2.0 library) 

    when the code is running, it does return the expected values here  (BSEC library version and BSEC error code 0)

    when it gets to  updateSubscription(), I see errors. and looking further, i see this has getting a -2 from the BME68x status (which is BME68X_E_COM_FAIL). so this must be related to not being able to talk to the devices correctly. does anyone have this issue? 


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    -2 means communication error that you might have wrong communication hardware setup or software setup. 

    Could you please check your hardware setup and software setup? 

    Please let me know if you have any quesitons. 


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    Hi Minhwan,

    this is related to another thread discussion where i got a response - it seems that we are supposed to use the SPI for the sensors, but the enables need to come from I2C driven by 6408. The documentation was not available. if there is any documentation that would be great. 


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    Hello Karthikg, 


    As some one already answered from your another thread, we are under reivew to release BME688 information more about. 

    Please check below url answer.

    And also let me know if you have further questions. 

    Thank you. 

    Hi Minhwan,

    I also met the difficulties on error code BME68X_E_COM_FAIL. And it is quite helpful for me to find your reply.

    I checked the link you posted but I am still struggling with the issue. Here are my codes. Would you mind offering me more hints please? 

    Thank you!

    #include "Wire.h"
    #define SDA 23
    #define SCL 22
    void setup(void)
      Wire.begin(SDA, SCL);
      foodSensor.begin(BME68X_I2C_ADDR_HIGH, Wire);