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    BMF055 vs BNO055


    BMF055 vs BNO055

    Hello, can someone please summarize the differences between BNO055 and BMF055.


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    Re: BMF055 vs BNO055

    Hi Kxco,

    The BNO055 and BMF055 share the same hardware, both are System in Package (SiP) integrating:

    • 3-axis accelerometer,
    • 3-axis gyroscope
    • 3-axis geomagnetic sensor
    • 32 bit Cortex M0+ microcontroller

    The difference is that BNO055 comes with our BSX 3.0 sensor fusion software, therefore the sensor can provide fused sensor data output such as  : Quaternion, Rotation, Linear acceleration, Robust heading... While the BMF055 does not include the BSX 3.0 software, but it is freely programmable, and developpers can customize and develop their own software on the cortex M0+ MCU.

    for more information on the sensors please refer to our product pages:




    Re: BMF055 vs BNO055

    Hi elrhoul,

    Thank you for the info. 

    If we use BMF055 can we load BSX 3.0 sensor fusion software in it? 

    Can we modify sensor fusion software?

    Can we load sensor fusion software and combine it with our own FW all in the BMF055?

    Community Manager

    Re: BMF055 vs BNO055


    In our standard offering the BSX is only available with BNO055 and BHI/BHA product family. However you can use on BMF055 the BSXlite fusion SW a reduced version of BSX. The BSXlite is downloaded from our website on the link below.

    You can refer to our application note for integrating BSXlite on BMF055 :

    Best regards







    Re: BMF055 vs BNO055

    Thank you for the links.  

    "BSXlite fusion SW a reduced version of BSX"

    Please explain the difference between BSXlite and BSX.  What does BSX have that BSXlite does not have?