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    BMI088 Accelerometer read "feature"

    BMI088 Accelerometer read "feature"

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    I started to write a very small driver for the BMI088. While the gyroscope is working like expected, The accelerometer has a stange “feature”. Writing to it works fine, but reading any register gives the value of the previous read request. To read the xyz values I have to write twice to the register 0x12 to get the proper axis values like this:


    spi_transfer(ACC_X_LSB_12 | 0x80); // Start register read

    spi_transfer(ACC_X_LSB_12 | 0x80); // Again start register read (why ever!)

    ax = spi_transfer(0xFF);   ax += spi_transfer(0xFF) << 8;

    ay = spi_transfer(0xFF);   ay += spi_transfer(0xFF) << 8;

    az = spi_transfer(0xFF);   az += spi_transfer(0xFF) << 8;


    With this workaround the raw values for the IMU are fine. Does anyone know why the reading result is shifted by one operation? Looks like it´s caused by the FIFO, but I don´t write anything to it. Any help is welcome. Doing almost the same with the BMI055 worked without any problems.

    Greetings from Germany



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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    For BMI088 accel,  the default interface is configged as I2C,  you need a dummy read of SPI to switch to SPI bus first. 

    Also you need a dummy byte during SPI read from the accel part.

    You can refer to our BMI088 API on Github from following link:


    When selecting SPI for BMI088 accelerometer, does the datasheet indicate that the user has an option between toggling the PS pin and sending a dummy read or do both need to be done? It's not clear.


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello gigamonte, 


    SPI CS pin and dummy data for BMI088 are necessary.