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    BMI088 FIFO Watermark issue

    BMI088 FIFO Watermark issue

    New Poster

    Hi Bosch Team,

    I am facing an issue that ralates to accelerate FIFO. It seems like the data is correct enough all the time, but when I try to halt reading FIFO buffer for a while then the issue happens.



    25036 X135 Y-154 Z11205
    25041 X136 Y-158 Z11206
    25045 X135 Y-164 Z11204
    25050 X135 Y-165 Z11203
    25054 X131 Y-169 Z11201
    25059 X129 Y-169 Z11197
    25063 X128 Y-166 Z11195
    25068 X129 Y-161 Z11194
    25072 X131 Y-157 Z11192
    25077 X133 Y-150 Z11193
    25081 X134 Y-151 Z11193
    25086 X133 Y-148 Z11194
    25090 X135 Y-159 Z11196
    25095 X137 Y-158 Z11200
    25099 X137 Y-165 Z11203
    25103 X138 Y0 Z0
    25108 X138 Y0 Z0
    25113 X126 Y-161 Z11195
    25118 X125 Y-157 Z11195
    25122 X123 Y-158 Z11192
    25127 X133 Y-160 Z11202
    25131 X131 Y-148 Z11197



    I mean "correct enough" because there is sometimes the data output is 0 on Y and Z and it's totally incorrect.
    After halting the reading data from FIFO buffer, then read it back, the data is not correct anymore after hundred miliseconds



    32065 X131 Y-156 Z11199
    32071 X134 Y-159 Z11202
    32075 X131 Y-165 Z11200
    32080 X133 Y-164 Z11202
    32084 X133 Y-163 Z11198
    32089 X134 Y-160 Z11199
    32093 X135 Y-159 Z11195
    32098 X135 Y-157 Z11193
    32102 X136 Y-156 Z11190
    32107 X134 Y-153 Z11190
    32111 X134 Y-151 Z11192
    32115 X132 Y-147 Z11197
    32120 X133 Y-145 Z11201
    32124 X135 Y-143 Z11204
    32129 X134 Y-145 Z11204
    32133 X137 Y-149 Z11207
    32138 X135 Y-154 Z11205
    32142 X136 Y-158 Z11206
    32147 X135 Y-164 Z11204
    32151 X135 Y-165 Z11203
    32156 X131 Y-169 Z11201
    32160 X129 Y-169 Z11197
    32165 X128 Y-166 Z11195
    32169 X129 Y-161 Z11194
    32174 X131 Y-157 Z11192
    32178 X133 Y-150 Z11193
    32183 X134 Y-151 Z11193
    32187 X133 Y-148 Z11194
    32192 X135 Y-159 Z11196
    32196 X137 Y-158 Z11200
    32200 X137 Y-165 Z11203
    32205 X138 Y0 Z0
    32210 X138 Y0 Z0
    32220 X123 Y-158 Z11192
    32225 X129 Y-156 Z11196
    32230 X129 Y-159 Z11197
    32234 X131 Y-160 Z11201
    32239 X132 Y-162 Z11204
    32243 X131 Y-161 Z11207
    32248 X130 Y-161 Z11207
    32252 X129 Y-160 Z11209
    32257 X126 Y-159 Z11205
    32261 X126 Y-154 Z11201
    32266 X128 Y-155 Z11195
    32270 X131 Y-154 Z11192
    32275 X133 Y-156 Z11190
    32279 X139 Y-154 Z11192
    32284 X137 Y-154 Z11191
    32288 X141 Y-150 Z11196
    32293 X138 Y-152 Z11193
    32297 X140 Y-154 Z11196
    32302 X136 Y-158 Z11195
    32306 X138 Y-159 Z11196
    32310 X137 Y-161 Z11195
    32315 X142 Y-159 Z11199
    32319 X142 Y-158 Z11198
    32324 X144 Y-154 Z11201
    32328 X141 Y-153 Z11196
    32333 X140 Y-149 Z11196
    32337 X134 Y-148 Z11189
    32342 X134 Y-147 Z11190
    32346 X131 Y-146 Z11189
    32351 X132 Y-147 Z11193
    32355 X134 Y-149 Z11193
    32360 X135 Y-152 Z11196
    32364 X139 Y-155 Z11195
    32369 X138 Y-155 Z11197
    32373 X-120 Y11200 Z-30332
    32379 X-120 Y11200 Z-30332
    32385 X136 Y-157 Z11197
    32389 X134 Y-155 Z11199
    32394 X131 Y-155 Z11196
    32398 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32404 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32409 X133 Y-157 Z11197
    32414 X134 Y-155 Z11199
    32419 X131 Y-155 Z11196
    32423 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32428 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32433 X133 Y-157 Z11197
    32438 X134 Y-155 Z11199
    32443 X131 Y-155 Z11196
    32447 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32452 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32458 X133 Y-153 Z11196
    32463 X133 Y-155 Z11199
    32467 X131 Y-155 Z11196
    32471 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32476 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32482 X133 Y-153 Z11196
    32487 X133 Y-155 Z11199
    32491 X131 Y-155 Z11196
    32496 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32500 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32506 X133 Y-153 Z11196
    32511 X133 Y-155 Z11199
    32515 X131 Y-155 Z11196
    32520 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32525 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32530 X133 Y-153 Z11192
    32535 X134 Y-155 Z11199
    32539 X131 Y-155 Z11196
    32544 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32549 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32554 X134 Y-153 Z11192
    32559 X134 Y-155 Z11199
    32564 X131 Y-155 Z11196
    32568 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32573 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32578 X134 Y-153 Z11192
    32583 X134 Y-155 Z11199
    32588 X131 Y-155 Z11196
    32592 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32597 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32603 X134 Y-150 Z11192
    32607 X133 Y-155 Z11199
    32612 X131 Y-155 Z11196
    32616 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32621 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32627 X133 Y-150 Z11192
    32632 X133 Y-155 Z11199
    32636 X131 Y-155 Z11196
    32641 X-31611 Y131 Z-160
    32645 X-31611 Y131 Z-160



    I can solve this issue by soft reset, load config file, set measurement config, the same at the first time I initialize the sensor.
    But I do not prefer this approach and tried to reset FIFO by issue the set watermark command but it did not work.
    The data is raw, mean LSB. Sensor is configured to water mark iterrupt = 200, ODR=12.5Hz, range=3g, extract 1 frame per time.

    Any suggestion to find the root cause is appreciated.
    Thanks and Regards

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi huytung1501,

    When your host received FIFO watermark interrupt, how many FIFO data has the host read?
    And why did you do the operation "halting the reading data from FIFO buffer, then read it back" in your application?