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    BMI088 Failed to read and write the configuration file

    BMI088 Failed to read and write the configuration file

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    In the first figure, I write the configuration data to register 0x5E normally and SPI writes the waveform correctly  (The length of data written at one time is 32)

    After the write is done, the data in the 0X5E configuration file is read, and the MISO of the SPI interface remains low 

    (All other registers read and write normally and read register 0x2A return 0x00)


    Could you please help to analyze what problems there may be?(The problem is urgent)



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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello maiwl,

    For the abnormal BMI088, where did you buy it?

    A Chinese agent is yingtu Electronics

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello maiwl,

    We haven't seen this abnormal stock.

    Suggest you contact with your distributor, request them to test your stock with official HW board, socket.


    jumping in late here: I also observed this behaviour yesterday multiple times when getting started with the sensor: After the config file download, when reading register 0x2A (ACCEL_INTERNAL_STAT), it contained 0x00, not 0x01.
    This results in "E_CONFIG_STREAM_ERROR" (-6).

    My sensor is a BMI088, 365 / P2111 / 257.

    I was able to solve the problem by issuing a soft reset before the config file load, as it is shown in the "read_synchronized_data_mcu" example (apparently not in any of the other examples). After this change I was able to successfully read 0x01 from register 0x2A.

    (Oddly enough, after I have seen the error many times yesterday, now I'm not able to reproduce the previous behaviour anymore, i.e. the config file download _always_ finishes successful now, regardless of whether I issue a soft reset bevor loading the config file or not. Perhaps the config file upload alters the sensor in a way so that ACCEL_INTERNAL_STAT always returns 0x01, but that's a vague guess only)