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    BMI088 giving wrong accelerometer RAW data?

    BMI088 giving wrong accelerometer RAW data?


    Hi everyone,

    I am facing some issues regarding BMI088. X-axis of the accelerometer is giving wrong RAW data. The sensor doesn't properly increments the accelerometer values while increasing the angle. When in positive axis, the sensor also gives negative values at some point due to which I get error in calculating the angles. At 3g configuration, this error is small but in 12g configuration  error is very much noticeable. Attached is the file with some of the readings. Any solution for my problem?


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    How many datapoints are you measuring ? Since the accelerations are very small, I would suspect that this is simply because of noise. Try using 12.5Hz data rate, this will greatly reduce the noise.

    Yes I am already using ODR of 12.5Hz, but the values of accelorometer are not precise. I also have tried 2-fold oversampling but didn't find any luck. The values of accelerometer are not accurate and they fluctuate. 

    Could you please define "not accurate" and "fluctuate" ? You could also share a datalog of the raw data in a static position.

    By not accurate and fluctuate I mean that when I am rotating the sensor in potive x-axis direction, then the values of accelerometer should also increase. But instead of continously increasing, the values increases as well as decreases. You can see the datalog attached. In the data log first three columns are of accelerometer x, y and z respectively. And 8th column is of "Roll" in degrees. These are the rotation from 0 to 8 degree approximately.