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    BMI160 Interrupt mapping to INT1

    New Poster

    BMI160 Interrupt mapping to INT1

    Hi everyone!

    I'm experimenting with the BMI160 and have a question about interrupt mapping. At the moment I have hardware pin INT1 connected to my host processor and I would like to trigger multiple interrupts with it (low-g, no-motion, double tap).

    When reading the datasheet (Register INT_MAP) I came across the following paragraph: "When the external interrupt is mapped to an interrupt pin, all other interrupt mappings are disabled for this interrupt. When an external interrupt is mapped to an interrupt pin, no other interrupts may be enabled."

    I'm confused by the word "external" from external interrupt. Are these the device interrupts low-g, high-g, no-motion, etc...?

    So my question: Is it possible to configure, map and enable multiple interrupts (low-g, no-motion, ...) to INT1 at the same time. Assuming that when catching an interrupt I read the INT_STATUS register to find out which interrupt occurred.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Community Moderator

    Re: BMI160 Interrupt mapping to INT1

    Yes, all these interrupt can be mapped into INT1 pin.

    The "external" interrupt mentioned in datasheet is really an interrupt to BMI160.  Here the INT1 pin will be used as input not output anymore. 

    In this case,  all internal interrupt can not be map to it anymore.