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    BMI160 ODR 12.5 to 1600 Hz

    BMI160 ODR 12.5 to 1600 Hz



    I neead some clarifiaction that. what does changes when the ODR value changes from 12.5 to 1600 hz. if it is in low power mode .

    ODR is only to buffer the data time

    for example if i set acc, ODR 100 hz the output is refresh every 10ms . if i getting data from i2c . will i read the data every 500ms. will ODR is set ok or need to change.

    I don't know what is the work of ODR

    in changes in ODR it will effect the power consumption

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    If sensor is in low power mode,  the ODR will reflect to the power consumpiton. 

    the sensor will wake up according to the ODR, take example the raw data put into the data register then go to sleep mode again. 

    So when you select the ODR and related bandwidth (average number), the sensor power consumption is also selected.   You can find the number in table 8 in the datasheet.

    If sensor is in normal mode, the power consumption is consttent and not related to ODR setting.   

    When ODR is selected, the new data will be refreshed in data register according to the setting.  But you can read it less than the ODR value.  So if you select ODR as 100Hz, you can read the data via data register every 500 ms.   You just skip the data in between.