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    BMI160 accelerometer Data command and data unit

    BMI160 accelerometer Data command and data unit

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    I have two questions about the BMI160-acceleration sensor.

    Im using the BMI160 sensor with the Arduino ide programme to get gyroscope and accelerometer data for a project. I have no problem to get the gyroscope data on the serial monitor with the following command :

    BMI160.readGyro(gx, gy, gz);

    I tried to get the accceleerometer data with the same command "BMI160.readAccel(gx,gy,gz)" or "BMI160.readAcc(gx,gy,gz)" but without any success. How do I get the data? What do I have to write into my programme?


    My second question is about the stored Gyro- and Accelleration data. What is the unit, the data is stored and is shown on the serial monitor? How can I convert them into °/s (Gyro) and m/s^2 ? I could not find anything in the datasheet.

    Kind regards


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    Community Moderator

    Did you try  bmi160.readAccelerometer(ax,ay,az)?

    Hi Sophie,

    Which BMI160 library are you using ? You should refer to the documentation of the BMI160 library. Our official API is writting in C code (unlike the C++ library you are currently using)
    You can download it here:


    ok, that was easy. Thank you!!

    Can you help me with the converting?

    Is it right to multiply the raw accel data with the LSB value(typ.) (from the datasheet, sensitivity) to get m/s^2 ?

    Do I do the same calculation with the raw gyrodata and its LSB value(typ.)?

    How do I know which range I am having in my programme, when I did not set any?

    Kind regards



    I have the same problem . How I dan convert the raw data (get from function "getAcceleration(...)") to m/s^2?