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    BMI160 responding on address 6A and 6B

    BMI160 responding on address 6A and 6B

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    I have what was labelled as a HiLetGo sensor that is screened as a BMI610.  I am using it on an ESP32 dev board.  I have it wired for I2C including ground for SAO and 3.3v for CS.  When I run an I2C bus scan this chip responds on address 0x6A.  If I unground the SAO pin it changes to 0x6B.  This is not the standard address for the chip.  Is it likely because I was attempting to use a library and it might have overwritten a register or something?  the chip is just black with no discernable markings on it. Or is there a newer version of this chip that has a different address?

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    Community Moderator

    Hi ShanM,

    BMI160 I2C address should be 0x68(SDO pin low) or 0x69(SDO pin high), refer official data sheet

    BMI160 I2C address.png

    Thank you for confirming that.  I looked up some other accelerometers that used addresses 6A and 6B and found LSM6DS3.  I quickly took in a library and that sensor is returning data.  As I suspected, the cheap sensor was mounted on the wrongly labeled board.  I have ordered a real BMI160 from a more reputable source.  Hopefully that will come in soon!

    I have to say that I am VERY impressed at the Bosch datasheet.  The details that are in there are incredibly useful.  The quality is above what I have come to expect from component vendors.  Thank you.