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    BMI160 some FIFO frames contain the same value for x, y and z


    BMI160 some FIFO frames contain the same value for x, y and z


    We are seeing a strange issue where every other call to bmi160_get_fifo_data returns a set of frames where each frame has the same values for x, y and z.

    For example: x = -17024    y = -17024    z = -17024

    We currently get from the FIFO every second, the curret setup for the accelerometer is:

    ODR: 25HZ

    Range: 16G


    power mode: Normal

    I would greatly appreciate any help in why this may be happening.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Community Moderator

    Re: BMI160 some FIFO frames contain the same value for x, y and z

    Hi  AlexC,

    Assuming you are using the BMI160 Sensor driver off our Github page, can you share the API calls until the bmi160_get_fifo_data?

    Thanks and regards,



    Re: BMI160 some FIFO frames contain the same value for x, y and z

    Hi kgoveas,

    Thanks for your reply, Im afraid I realised im stupid mid way through replying to you.

    So we are using 2 BMI160 of course they are named differently and one is in low power mode, so  I was trying to read from the FIFO on the low power accelerometer. Which because of the way low power mode works of course would return weird values if its not doing anything. 

    Many thanks for your help!