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    BMI270 Config File

    BMI270 Config File

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    I'm trying to use this new sensor bmi270. I am communicating with the sensor using SPI, I am able to read chip id and write the config file that is provided on GitHub page. After writing the config I read back to compare and everything seems ok. But when I turn on accelerometer and gyroscope I'm not reading anything, it's all 0s. Is there a problem with the config file provided on GitHub inside one of the files?
    Thank you very much, help would be much appreciated.
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    And reading register 0x21 gives 0x02 which is an error initializing.

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    I also have the same problem with I2C communication
    In addition, the sensor hangs for small buffer sizes while uploading file. And it doesn't work anymore to restart it

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    How did you upload the config file to the BMI270?

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    Community Moderator

    The error you saw is intialization error which caused on FW download error.  either some bits are not correct or lost during communication.

    The FW itself are well tested before release on BMI270 and we have example code in our COINES UI platform to show you how it works.

    BMI270 can accept any length of burst write for the configure files but some MCU can only support some limited bytes for burst write.  So you need to double check the read_write_len parameters when you use to initialize the sensor in device structure is matching to your MCU spec or not. 

    You can try to read out the configure string and compare to the one you written into then you will know if there is any communication error on the bus.