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    BMI270 Initialization with FIFO or OIS

    BMI270 Initialization with FIFO or OIS

    New Poster

    Since I tried to get gyro and accel data from BMI data, I failed because of the init error.

    1. I could get a chip ID 0x24.

    2. After downloading a config file into the board, we need to check 0x21(init_status)

    3. I read 0x21 data after downloading config, 0x60 comes out.


    4. As seen in datasheet, 0x60 means "axes_remap error" & "odr_50hz_error"

    5. I tried to handle registers, but every modification didn't really make any significant effect to error.

    6. Since I use STM32L4, I'm using STM32CubeIDE.

    7. I already saw Bosch STM32 code for BMI270, but the goal of my project is to implement every sensor without OS, so the code from the company is not for my project.

    8. I thought that downloading config file is the problem.

    9. I gave up with the normal mode, and decided to start with other aspects : OIS & FIFO 




    1. Should I need to control the registers about "axes_remap" and "ODR" before downloading the config file in the normal mode?

    2. Should OIS also go through the initialization process on the host? If so, I could not use OIS.

    3. I tried to implement FIFO because it has different config file with normal mode. But here's the thing.

    Can you explain some initialization process using FIFO? There seems to be no exact description about initializing FIFO in the datasheet.


    Best regards,



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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi moonbear429,

    1.Axis remapping is usually executed after loading the BMI270 firmware, as shown in example Acc and gyro default to setting ODR values, please refer to the description of registers 0x40 and 0x42 for details. Of course, you can also set the ODR you need, which is set after the firmware is loaded.
    2. If you need to use OIS, you need to first confirm whether your hardware is designed according to the OIS schematic in the BMI270 data sheet? OIS can be configured after firmware loading is completed, without affecting the firmware loading itself.

    BMI270 OIS diagram.png
    3. Github has examples of using FIFO, you can directly refer to them.