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    BMI270 Motionless SENS Error Compensation (Re-Trimming CRT) - value location?

    BMI270 Motionless SENS Error Compensation (Re-Trimming CRT) - value location?


    Where are the compensation values are placed after a successful CRT run? I ask in order to:
    1) Prove CRT did something (I'd print the values in our debug log)
    2) At power on show NVM has restored them

    And is there any register setting I need to do to instruct the gyro to use the CRT values?  I ask because "Manual SENS Error Compensation" lists a bunch of steps, but I don't see anything for the "automatic" one.

    BTW - I am are using my own driver and appeared to keep getting "precon" error until I disabled the FIFO. The steps to perform CRT listed in BST-BMI270-DS000-02 Revision_1.0_05 2019 forget to mention this.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    You can check register 0x78 / 79 / 7A.  the default value is 0.  but after you perform CRT correctly, there will be non-zero value in these registers.

    After CRT, the corrected sensitivity value will be automatically used by gyro data output,  you don't need to trigger it.

    Hey all.

    I've run into the same issue  as _Richard_

    If I refer to the 'datasheet' I'm talking about the BMI270 Datasheet.

    I have 2 questions:

    1) @Vincent, where did you get the information concerning the location and meaning of these registers? The registers you describe are marked as  'reserved' on page 72 of the datasheet.

    2) The datasheet describes the output of the CRT as being "11 bits (FxP representation is 1.10), resolution is (2^-10), maximum range is +/-  25%" on page 68. The register you have provided only contain 8 bits of data. Where are the other bits located?

    Thanks for any help!