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    BMI270 (Wrist wear wakeup & Wrist gesture featrue)

    BMI270 (Wrist wear wakeup & Wrist gesture featrue)

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    Hi, BOSCH

    When you turn your hand with your watch on
    I set the screen to work using Wrist wear wake up and Wrist gesture featrue.

    We are using Wrist wear wake up and Wrist gesture featrue, and each setting value is as follows.

    1. Wrist wear wakeup
     ① min_angle_focus = 1024;
     ② min_angle_nonfocus = 1856;
     ③ max_tilt_lr = 1024;
     ④ max_tilt_ll = 700;
     ⑤ max_tilt_pd = 179;
     ⑥ max_tilt_pu = 1978;

    2. Wrist gesture
     ① wearable_arm = BMI2_ARM_LEFT;
     ② max_duration = 150;

    When set to the above value
    The screen lights up, but it comes in a little slower. I'm slow to react

    How can I set it to speed up the lighting on the screen?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mgchoi,

    It is recommended that you use the default parameter configuration first, with a minimum of 50 Hz ODR.

    Thank you for your answer.
    Should I do parameter configuration with 50Hz ODR first and then proceed with that method?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mgchoi,

    Set ODR to 50 Hz and run rist wear wakeup & Wrist gesture featrue with default parameter configuration, you can start your test.

    The default configuration parameters had considered the requirements of most wearable devices.
    You can modify the configuration parameters according to your application requirements if you need.

    Hi, BOSCH 

    We are testing above 50Hz and we have one more problem.

    I am inquiring because the double tap is not working.

    1. Config file uses Legacy file.
    2. Set as below by referring to the contents of the application note.

    The result is set.
    Features Page 5




    F5 function = 0042 (using double_tap_en & data_reg_en)
    F5 features = 0003 (extended 9 to 3)
    F5 Features = 0009
    F5 Features = 0082
    F5 Features = 0006
    F5 Features = 0006
    F5 Features = 0008
    F5 Features = 0050

    Feature Page 6 (Page Contents)
    F6 Features = 0000
    F6 Function = 044C
    F6 Features = 0002
    F6 Features = 0003
    F6 Features = 0000
    F6 Features = 0000
    F6 Features = 0000
    F6 Features = 0000






    The setup code is as follows.
    Is there a missing part or a setting value that needs to be changed?