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    BMI270 (Wrist wear wakeup & Wrist gesture featrue)

    BMI270 (Wrist wear wakeup & Wrist gesture featrue)

    New Poster

    Hi, BOSCH

    When you turn your hand with your watch on
    I set the screen to work using Wrist wear wake up and Wrist gesture featrue.

    We are using Wrist wear wake up and Wrist gesture featrue, and each setting value is as follows.

    1. Wrist wear wakeup
     ① min_angle_focus = 1024;
     ② min_angle_nonfocus = 1856;
     ③ max_tilt_lr = 1024;
     ④ max_tilt_ll = 700;
     ⑤ max_tilt_pd = 179;
     ⑥ max_tilt_pu = 1978;

    2. Wrist gesture
     ① wearable_arm = BMI2_ARM_LEFT;
     ② max_duration = 150;

    When set to the above value
    The screen lights up, but it comes in a little slower. I'm slow to react

    How can I set it to speed up the lighting on the screen?

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    Hi, BSTRobin

    I can't see any improvement even though I configured the default parameter at 50Hz.
    Is there any parameter or solution that can be improved?

    Hi, BOSCH

    Please respond to the above question, 50Hz,

    Regarding Double Tap
    The exact cause will have to be identified, but the following symptoms often occur.
    - I don't know why, but it seems that certain settings have to be turned off and then put back on to reflect it.
    - There seems to be no problem in use, but there will be confusion when uploading without turning off the power during development.

    Do you have any relevant data or solutions for this?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mgchoi,

    Are you using another config file as you ask question about BMI270 TAP?

    BMI270 Legacy

    • Any motion, No motion, Significant motion detector
    • Orientation detector (Advanced Potrait-Landscape)
    • High-G, Low-G (Freefall) detector
    • Flat detector
    • Tap detection (Single, Double, Triple taps)
    • Smartphone Step counter and Step detector (Pedometer)
    • Activity change recognition
      • Still
      • Walking
      • Running

    If you are using BMI270 Legacy config file and sensor API, you could refer tap example code on github, and ensure ACC ODR is at least 200 Hz.