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    BMI270 initialization issue with Arduino M0


    Re: BMI270 initialization issue with Arduino M0

    Hello Minhwan,

    Changed the read and write functions as you suggested. The code compiled just fine, but the init_status register returned 2.  Turns out I couldn't write 32 byte bursts, probably because the tx buffer is 32 and needs 2 stop bytes. Changing the write length to 16 fixed this, and now everything is working perfectly.

    Thank you so much for your help! 🙂

    Best regards.


    Re: BMI270 initialization issue with Arduino M0

    Hallo, paraas

    I also use this example program to debug BMI.But the value of "rslt" is not equal to the value of "BMI_OK" during debugging.This means the communication is not completed.


    17:04:48.358 -> bmi270_init done
    17:04:48.376 -> -2
    17:04:48.376 -> 0
    17:04:48.704 -> Accel x = 0	Accel y = 0	Accel z = 0	Gyro x = 0	Gyro y = 0	Gyro z = 0


     Which section of the program should be modified to get normal output? Thank you very much.

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    Re: BMI270 initialization issue with Arduino M0

    Hello Eason, 


    -2 means communication error. So, you need to check software configuration and hardware setting. 


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    Error getting in Accelaration config when I read 0x1b EVENT resistor


    Jimit here, I have bmi270 IMU, I am successfully loading my config file and then initializing the sensor in normal mode, as shown in the datasheet, I implement it in teensy 4.1 board, and I set ODR, BANDWIDTH, and filter pref with ACC_CONFIG resistor  filter_pref = 1, ODR = 100Hz, BANDWIDTH  = res_avg16 I get Acc config ERROR, and when I get ACC data on 2G I get range between on Z axis = 4175-4185, I don't know why this happens? can you help me, please? you can check my code, I will give you my code, I showed in the data sheet what reserved means.