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    BMI270 sample delay per axis

    BMI270 sample delay per axis


    We’re using a BMI270 to measure very fast & sudden changes. Because of the speed of these changes, differences in timing between axis measurements can introduce errors in our calculations.

    The datasheet doesn’t mention if there is any delay between axis sampling, so could I please ask what this delay is? Is it fixed or tied to the OutputDataRate? I’m assuming here that there is one ADC for the gyro and a MUX is used to switch between axis, but I guess there could be 3 ADC’s and all axis are sampled simultaneously (that’d be awesome).

    Less important, but could I also ask about axis sampling delays for the acceleromter?

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    Hi Richard,

    BMI270 is designed to simultaneously sample all axis for gyroscope, accelerometer and temperature at the same time.

    The specific delay data is measured but not publicly available. Please contact your local sales representative to learn more.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    In addition to being sampled simultaneously, I would like to add that the BMI270 include a "shadowing" feature for the DATA_x, SENSORTIME_x and TEMPERATURE_x registers (among others). This means that data from single and continuous burst-read transaction is guaranteed to remain consistent (i.e. data from all axes are guaranteed to come from the same timestamp, even if a new samples becomes available in the middle of the read transaction, to prevent discontinuities).

    Hi Handytech,

    Umm, "thanks" I guess...    I don't see the logic in hiding this spec, but I'll follow your suggestion and start the long journey of discovery via our local rep.

    Thanks for the extra info regarding register synch.