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    BMI270 wrist wear wakeup

    BMI270 wrist wear wakeup

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    I have several inquiries regarding wrist wear wakeup.

    1. Does the wrist wear wakeup use only the accelerometer, not the gyro?

    2. When I read the wrist wear wakeup configuration using the bmi270_get_sensor_config() function in the wrist wear wakeup example,

    it looks like this:

    min_angle_focus: 20
    min_angle_nonfocus: 1448
    max_tilt_lr: 1774
    max_tilt_ll: 1024
    max_tilt_pd: 700
    max_tilt_pu: 179

    min_angle_focus should be 1448, but min_angle_nonfocus is 1448. (The bytes seem to have been shifted.) Could you please tell me why?


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Seongbin,

    1.Wrist wear wakeup only based on accelerometer;
    2. Where do you get your BMI270 driver code?
    You could print your firmware version by the following code, and let us know it.
    rslt = bmi2_get_config_file_version(&ver_major, &ver_minor, dev);
    PDEBUG("The firmware version: v%d.%d\r\n", ver_major, ver_minor);

    Thanks for the reply.

    I got the driver code from

    The firmware version is v4.8.


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Seongbin,

    Please refer to the value range below. You can set it according to the value range below.

    min_angle_focus: Range is 1024 to 1774. Default is 1774.
    min_angle_nonfocus: Range is 1448 to 1856. Default value is 1522.
    max_tilt_lr: Range is 88 to 128. Default value is 128.
    max_tilt_ll: Range is 88 to 128. Default value is 128.
    max_tilt_pd: Range is 0 to179. Default value is 22.
    max_tilt_pu: Range is 222 to 247. Default value is 241.

    Hello BSTRobin,

    Thank you for your response. I have additional questions.

    1. I have set it to generate an interrupt when detecting a wrist wear wakeup. Is it correct that the interrupt only occurs when moving from the non-focus position to the focus position? (It seems that interrupt occurs even when moving from focus position to focus postion.)

    2. Can the wrist wear wakeup feature detect only the wrist movement? (Some detect it, some don't. It's very confusing.)

    3. It is very difficult to understand the setting values of min_angle_focus, min_angle_nonfocus, max_tilt_lr, max_tilt_ll, max_tilt_pd, max_tilt_pu only from the contents of the datasheet. Could you explain this?