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    BMI323 EV, Shuttle Board Disconnect

    BMI323 EV, Shuttle Board Disconnect

    New Poster

    Hi, BOSCH

    I connected the EVBoard as below to operate, but the program cannot connect.

    1. EVBoard USB Connect


    2. Device Manager driver recognition


    3. Development Desktop 2.0 Start


    4. Attempt to connect by pressing the Connect button


    The EVBoard does not work as above.

    Also, the program is not able to connect.

    Below is the SPI communication status with our Main MCU.

    1. Board connection, based on the right circuit diagram, the left 3 pin is connected to power and the right 4 pin is connected to SPI 4Wire.


    2. SPI Interface (Dev ID Read)


    As shown above, SPI communication has successfully sent commands, but there is no response from the actual sensor.

    Is there anything we're missing? Or is it broken?

    Plz, i need help

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mgchoi,

    As you couldn't connect applicaiton board 3.0 & BMI323 3.0 shuttle to Development Desktop 2.0 successfully, it seems that your BMI323 3.0 shuttle was not burned with shuttle ID. Usually, shuttle ID will be burned during production. Can we know where you purchased the shuttle board?

    See it from your waveform, you set SPI CPOL = 0, what is CPHA value you set?
    BMI323 SPI communition support "CPOL = 0, CPHA = 0" or "CPOL =1, CPHA = 1".

    The above part was solved after changing Shuttle.

    I just have a few questions.

    There is a big difference between the BMI270 and BMI323 code values

    1. bmi270_set_sensor_config function.
    - Bmi323 has a slightly different setting, but for other parts

    - What is the missing value? Is there a replacement value?
    2. bmi2_set_adv_power_save function
    - Power save related function not found for bmi323.

    - Is there a function that replaces it?


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mgchoi,

    1.You can find it how to configure BMI323 parameters in Github example code, or find the description in data sheet;
    2.bmi2_set_adv_power_save was not the interface for BMI322, you need to use BMI323 sensor API. For BMI323, Please refer to the table below to set the power operation mode.