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    BMM 150 through BMI 160 (Texas instuments F28379D + BOOSTXL-SENSORS)

    BMM 150 through BMI 160 (Texas instuments F28379D + BOOSTXL-SENSORS)

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    Hi, I know that there are many topics on this arguments, I have read them all but i can't find an answer so I hope someone can help me.

    I am trying to read measurements from magnetometer BMM150 connected as secondary I2C device to BMI160; in particular those sensors are included in the Texas Instruments BOOSTXL-SENSORS expansion and i'm using the Texas Instruments C2000 TMS320F28379D Delfino Launchpad. I am able to succesfully read values from accelerometer and gyroscope, but I can not figure out how to read the magnetometer and,  since I am programming the board with Simulink which generates its own C code, I cannot use the libraries. What i would like to know are the logic passages (i.e. register to write and mode to set) in order to make the BMM150 work as secondary device. Here is what I have done after reading the datasheets and discussions on this forum:

    - Set I2C address = 105 (0x69)

    - Set normal modes for: Accelerometer (write 0x11 on register CMD 0x7E),gyro (0x15 on CMD 0x7E), magnetometer  (0x19 on CMD 0x7E)

    - Enable auxiliary I2C device (write 0x20 on IF_CONF 0x6B); set I2C address of auxiliary device (0x10 on MAG_IF[0] 0x4B); enter setup mode and reading with 8 byte bursts (0b10000011 on MAG_IF[1] 0x4C); set first read address for auxiliary device (0x42 on MAG_IF[2] 0x4D); trigger first measure (0x06 on  MAG_CONF 0x44); enter data mode (0b00000011 on MAG_IF[1] 0x4C)

    - Read magnetometer data registers through BMI160 data registers (from 0x04)

    But what i get is always zero values. I think that the problem is the magnetometer which is not setting in normal mode, as I can understand by reading the status register 0x03 from which i get 010100 (i.e. normal mode for accell, gyro but suspend mode for magnetometer).









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    1. Please check the HW connection with our BMI160 and BMM150 datasheet.
    2. And please follow the attached flowchart setting the BMM150 and aux interface:flow.png


    Hello, is there any data on how to connect BMM150 of BMI270 due to this problem? There is no data like above on Datasheet, so can you share it?