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    BMM150+BMI160 rawdata is not matching with BMM150+BMI270

    BMM150+BMI160 rawdata is not matching with BMM150+BMI270

    New Poster

    I am trying to compare the raw x,y,z values of BMI160+BMM150 with BMI270+BMM150
    By keeping both the PCB's in same position I took the values and they are as below

    Accel x y z -1996 76 451
    Gyro x y z 8 -1 3
    Mag 8 bytes (values from register in manual mode)113 0 233 0 71 0 41 106
    MAG x y z 14 29 35

    Accel x y z -1999 -75 552
    GYRO x y z -2319 33 -2267
    Mag 8 bytes (values from data register in manual mode) 57 13 65 12 173 0 188 100
    MAG x y z 423 392 86

    I am not understanding why there is a drastic change in both the values when i maintained the same configuration and same positon. 
    Can someone help me on this.?

    If you are able to get the same values in both the setups, can you share your coonfiguration.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi BSTRobin,

    Thanks for sparing your time to validate this.

    If you check in your logs the rawdata of accel, gyro and Mag has a lot of difference. 
    As you already have the setup, can you try to test by keeping both of them in same position and compare the rawdata.

    The accel and gyro data of BMI270 is way high when compared to BMI160, this should be similar in same position.

    Can you validate with accel range 16G and Gyro range 2000.

    Thankyou once again



    Can you confirm whether it is possible to achieve similar raw data x,y,z values for both BMI160 and BMI270.? Wrt that we will check what all changes are required from algo side.



    Gentle reminder. I am blocked on this. Based on your response i need to proceed further. 
    Please acknowledge the above queries.


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Santhosh_N,

    I set ACC to 16G and GYRO to 2000dps range. The following were test result.

    If you only see MAG RAW data of BMI160 and BMI270, there is difference. After Compensation, MAG data didn't have big difference.

    BMI160 + BMM150

    BMI160 sensor data-20210908.png

    BMI270 + BMM150

    BMI270 sensor data-20210908.png

    Thanks Robin.

    From the above the logs, I understand the raw data can't be similar for BMI160 and BMI270. All these days i am trying to get them same which is required for my project.

    Is my understanding correct,
    1.Rawdata can't be equal for BMI160+BMM150 and BMI270+BMM150. ?
    2.To calculate the other parameters using this rawdata, the compensation and algo are different for them.?