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    BMM150 and BMI088 on a glider

    BMM150 and BMI088 on a glider


    Hey guys,

    I am designing an absolute orientation sensor suite to track my glider's orientation. I do fly some loops and hard turns, but much of my time is spent spiraling up thermals. I'm currently looking at using a BMI088 with a BMM150 and would like to understand how the sensor readings might drift over multi-hour flights.

    Does the BMM150 require a stationary orientation in order to accurately measure its orientation? If so, how long does it take to reorient itself once the plane is maintaining a constant orientation? 

    If not, what are its limitations? How fast can the glider turn before the magnetometer loses its bearings? And, once again, how fast does the magnetometer reorient itself and does the glider need to maintain a constant orientation for it to do so?

    I understand that the BMI088 will support the BMM150 through the fusion software, but I need it to track this glider for multiple hours of uninterrupted flight, with as little  hassle as possible. I figured that this is best sensor combination for this application, but I am no expert.

    Thank you for you insights!

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    BSXFull library is running inside BNO055 and BHI260AP and upcoming BHI360 smart sensors. If you need BSXFull library running in your own processor, then it is not free (license fee) and has some requirements before we can release the library in binary format and the integration guide PDF file to you. 

    If you want to move forward, please send a private message to me with your company name, address and your company email address. We can go from there.