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    BMO055 gyro not working

    BMO055 gyro not working



    After a bit of time making the Arduino 9axis shield (BMO055) on nrf52dk board, at last, it works ....excluding gyro. Fusion sensor is very slow to turn, and raw gyro data are zero. Calibration value of gyro is 3. As far as I know, everything else work.
    I may have broke something on software, register, or I don't know. I changed some hardware, and send many broken datas before it works fine. Is it a way to restore the board as new? Is it possible to disable gyro, and so enable it again?
    Thanks for your help!Kind regards,

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    I'm not sure I have understood your questions. What do you mean I changed something in the HW can you please explain?



    The BNO055 9axis Arduino shield is not compliant to nrf52dk board, I think because of 3.3V IOREF. So I removed few components, cf schematic on
    (Actually, just the 74LVC1G125 makes trouble.)
    It took me many tests before understanding that the problem was hardaware., so the poblem might be something I did during this time.
    Anyway, I would love to get my BNO055 repaired.

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    If you just remove the 74LVC1G125, then only REST and INT are affected. 

    The gyro sensor inside BNO055 are powered on by 3.3V on the schematic, if both two are preperly powered, the gyro sensor should work fine. 

    From your description, the gyro are always output 0,  can you try to do the self test on BNO055 then post the result here? 

    one more question: which virtual sensor are you enabled now? 

    I think a easy way is to power off then re-power on the boards to get BNO055 be HW reset. 

    You can buy BNO055 from Digikey and replace it easily.