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    BMP280 Authenticity Check

    BMP280 Authenticity Check

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    We have received some BMP280 and they look a little different from the parts from our previous batches. Specifically, the etching looks less clear and the hole on the top surface looks a little smaller. Is there any way we can prove that these are real/fake? Does Bosch have a lab in China that we can work with?

    Current batch:


    Previous batch:


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    The laser marking on the new parts in provided picture is not clear enough to identify the parts.  Normally, the lettler "K" in beginnin of second line is indicate it is BMP280. 

    In general, you can also read chip_id to see if it is our parts. 

    We have local FAE in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen where you can contact to ask for testing and identify the samples you had. 

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    I have a similar query regarding authenticity of a BMP280 part. Our AOI picked up this marking discrepancy on a recent batch of parts purchased and we are unable to find any reference to "Y" as a valid part identifier for the BMP280 or any other Bosch sensor in a similar package. (Refer images below comparing suspect batch vs expected part).

    Left, "YP" marking, Right, "KZ" markingLeft, "YP" marking, Right, "KZ" marking

    The part passes our functional test (i.e. basic sanity reading of temperature and pressure). Can you provide any indication of whether the "Y" is valid for a BMP280 and, if not, whether this corresponds to any other Bosch part marking?


    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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    Community Moderator

    Hello JohnC, 


    Sorry for late response. 

    As Vincent mention that you need to contact local FAE whether the BMP280 you have is right device.

    Please let me know if you still have problem.