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    BMP280 Compensated temperature always zero

    New Poster

    BMP280 Compensated temperature always zero


    I have a BMP280 shuttle board connected to a ESP32 using I2C.

    Using the Bosh BMP280 API i can initialize, configure and read measured data. I can see the raw output of pressure and temperature changes over time.

    The problem is that the raw registers values of the trimming parameters (i.e. registers 0x88+) have the first 6 bytes zeros. This causes the compensated temperature to be zero. And also t_fine is zero so the compensated pressure is off.

    I have two BMP280 shuttle boards. Tested both, one at a time, they both have the same problem.

    Are these sensors faulty or am i doing something wrong?


    For refference here is a raw readout of the trimming parameters for both sensors.

    Left most is 0x88. Each line is different BMP280. Values are decimal 0-255.



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    Community Moderator

    Re: BMP280 Compensated temperature always zero

    Would you be able to share some more details about your setup? For example schematic of the sensors' connections, code snippet of the sensor API usage, eventually even a logic analyzer capture of the trimming parameters read-out when using the sensor API?

    Community Moderator

    Re: BMP280 Compensated temperature always zero

    Please  read the chip ID to ensure if the reading from I2C is correct or not,check whether HW connection issue.


    New Poster

    Re: BMP280 Compensated temperature always zero

    The issue has been resolved.

    It was a software problem. Updating the underlying framework (ESP-IDF) was needed.

    Thank you for your time and helpfull suggestions.