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    Hello, I have a question about the Bosch BMP280. In my application, the BMP280 is surface mounted to a Matek F722-STD flight controller. It has extremely erratic even just sitting on the bench, with NO propellors on the motors. Here's my question (after a brief explanation). It is often recommended by the community, that to avoid interfering pressure by the props on the quadcopter, that some open-cell foam should cover the sensor. I interpret this to mean, foam which you can blow air though. Maybe i'm wrong about that tho. So, my friend who helped me build this drone, taking this community wisdom, carefully superglued a piece of what we believe to be open-cell foam, NOT TO THE BMP280, but to the circuit board near by. NO SUPER GLUE whatsoever got ON the BMP280. We double checked after we started testing due to noticing the kind of 'insane' readings we were getting out of the BPM280. So, now the direct question. Is it at ALL possible, that superglue FUMES from drying superglue (cyanoacrylate?) could have somehow permeated the internals of the BMP280 and cause some sort of interference? If absolutely not, what other factors can cause things like, while just sitting on the desk, connected to the iNav Configurator software. monitoring the BMP280 sensor graph, we see the reading just steadily showing less and less and less altitude? As in passing negatively, steadily, through -100, then eventually -200, -230, etc? Also, sometimes, when all booted up, and having a cellphone app connected to our drone's wifi module, reading aloud the 'altitude', it'll say, minus .6ft, or minus 900ft, or today, it thought ti was at over 2000 feet when just steadily hovering at around 8ft. We're at a loss. Can the cynoacrylate fumes, from when the superglue was drying, have had any effect? Thank you!
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    We don't have test data regarding to the cynoacrylate fumes on BMP280. 

    The environment will influnence the sensor output by air flow, light etc...  and also noise coming from power supplier. 

    My first suggest is to read the BMP280 sensor data on your raw PCB with no motor turn on and no super glue on board to see if sensor output is still keep less and less.