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    BMP390 - data is not displayed on Application board3/BMP390 shuttle board and DD2.

    BMP390 - data is not displayed on Application board3/BMP390 shuttle board and DD2.

    New Poster

    Hi guys,

    I am new to this and need some help. Thank you in advance. 

    I have an application board 3.0 (APP3) with a BMP390 Shuttle Board 3.0 on it.

    I have installed Development Desk 2.0 (UI Ver on Windows 10. 

    My App3 is connected to my PC with Windows 10 through a USB cable.

    I can connect to the APP3 and DD2 displays the sensor main menu. (a graph show pressure and temperature)

    But I don't see any sensor output, just shows the main page of the (pressure & temperature) display.

     I have done the following (step by step): still don't see any data.

    a. updated window driver and was able to recognize the USB interface and connect.

    b. update the bootloader from COINES\v2.7.0\firmware\app3.0\bootloader_update.

    c. updated the DelopmentDesktop_2.0_Firmware_v1.9.bin. from COINES directory.

      Still, I don’t see any action from APP3/BMP390. Just an empty main graph table with no data.


    Note: I did all this because, when I received the APP3/BMP390 the boards were not showing any data and after all

    With these updates, the situation has not changed.


    I am lost and need some help.

    1. Both LEDs on my app3 are lit, orange(good pwr), and RED. is this right?  Should RED be GREEN?

    2. When I try to update flash from DD2 bootloader menu with Blue LED on.

      using DD2 in Boot mode, ‘Setting’ -> ‘Firmware upgrade’ menu. using file

      “DevelopmentDesktop_2.0_frimware_V3.5.fwu2” the system indicate

      “Firmware update in progress...BUT just sits in this position forever, meaning flash

      never completes updating. I have waited 1/2 hour and still no indication of what going on.

      Appreciate any help --- thank you


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi @jsayed ,

    Does your configuration/setup look similar to the one attached? I tried your setup on a clean PC (without any previous installations of Development Desktop 2.0 or COINES). Can you please confirm the same with screenshots?

    Thank you.