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    BMP390 water level measurement

    BMP390 water level measurement

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    I am using two BMP390 sensors (adafruit breakout board) to measure relative altitude (vertical distance between the two sensors).

    I have setup both sensors to the values recommended in the data sheet for highest resolution and low noise:

    • Highest pressure oversampling: x32
    • Recommended temperature oversampling: x2
    • Highest IIR filter coefficient: x128 


    With this settings, I take forced measurements every second from both sensors at floor level of the same room. 

    The pressure difference is close to zero (some calibration may be required) but I am also observing tha the difference fluctuates in a range 5Pa wide.
    Is that what I should expect given the accuracy specs of the sensor?

    If that is the case, how can this sensor track the water level of a washing machine with mm precission? As the Bosh video (84) Water level detection in washing machines enabled by BMP390 - YouTube seems to suggest


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    Hi Robin,

    I understand that +/-25cm (not meters) is the accuracy of air pressure equivalent altitude. And that is precisely what I was trying to measure but as I described in my previous post, I am getting a much larger range over a 5 minutes period (around 70cm).
    How can the sensor be used as an altimeter in a drone then?

    Regarding your description of the water level measurement, it suggests that the sensor is measuring hydrostatic pressure. Can this sensor be mounted underwater?  

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    Hi BorisVian,

    Normally, the test needs to be tested in a standard Lab environment. What is your test environment like?

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