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    BMP581 Shuttleboard with Application Board, some feedback.

    BMP581 Shuttleboard with Application Board, some feedback.

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    I've been playing around with BMP581. I did manage to capture some logs using the Android app.

    Feedback about the Android app:

    - It doesn't need to ask me my name, age, gender, height, weight, location, nationality, and experience in order to create a user, also making all those fields mandatory. A user is not needed. Android devices usually have only 1 user.

    + It does actually connect to the Application Board via Bluetooth, and it does trigger the board to start taking logs.

    - I could not find where the logs were on the Android phone, or if they were even there. (I found them on the Application Board) It seemed to try to upload the logs onto the phone, but I don't know.

    Feedback about COINES

    - I found nothing for BMP581 in COINES (it's quite new)

    + I could find out how to flash the Application Board and get it working.

    + The python script in COINES at /COINES/v2.7.0/libraries/generic-logging-protocol/Decoder/GLP_Decoder did actually create me a CSV file, which was easy to read and process.

    Feedback about the Application Board

    - MTP seems kind of flaky. It sometimes connects, sometimes doesn't. Sometimes waiting for 5-10 minutes helps, or unmounting / remounting. Once it works, I see a filesystem on the device, and I can copy over the files.

    Feature request:

    I would like to have a live data feed over USB serial port or Bluetooth. In this case I am only interested in the actual data. (not timestamps or packet numbers)

    Attached is a graph of a log from the BMP581 sensor being raised and lowered 3 times by about 1m with my arm (air pressure in hPa). That thing is sensitive!

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Frostybeard,

    If you only would like to get BMP581 sensor data log, you could connect your hardware to PC and save log data in development desktop software.