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    BMP585 absolute maximum ratings

    BMP585 absolute maximum ratings

    New Poster

    Dear Community,

    I would like to use the sensor BMP585 however I do not found informations in the datasheet. The Table 6 p. 15 in the datasheet  is succinct.

    What is the absolute, non destructuve, pressure the sensor can support (typically during 10 ms and 1 s) without being damaged ?

    Since I want to use it in external environnment, what should I be sensitive to ? Are there some gas that might affect negatively the sensor ?

    Thank you very much for your help !

    Kind regards

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi GCo,

    Can you provide a detailed description of what your application is and why you need to know this information?

    Hi @BSTRobin !

    Thank you for the attention to my question. Basically, I want to develop a weather station and air pressure is one of the quantities to be measured. I'm a weather station developer, not a meteorologist. The uses are therefore varied.

    About gases : the weather station can be used in the nearby of volcanoes. In case of volcanic activity, many gases can emanate. Mainly carbon dioxide but also e.g. sulfur dioxide, sulfur monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, etc. Can exposure to these gases affect the sensor ?

    About shocks : the station can be used, for example, in civil engineereing application like a demolition site (old building to be destroyed) where users need to know the wind and speed direction in order to manage dust. In such a situation, at the time of the explosion, the shock wave can reach the sensor and one have to be sure that it will not be damaged.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi GCo,

    Normally, we do not recommend using BMP585 in corrosive gas environments.

    The BMP585 can withstand a pressure of 2000000Pa without damage.


    thank you very much for this very useful answer !

    Best regards.