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    BMX055 - asking for additional information not clear from the datasheet

    BMX055 - asking for additional information not clear from the datasheet

    New Poster

    I am a third year Bachelor of Science Aerospace Engineering student from the TU Delft. I am currently part of a graduation project called Defend Our Territory which is supervised by Dr. Angelo Cervone. In this project we have to design a lander system with PocketQubes (5 x 5 x 5 cm satellites) to characterise an asteroid of < 20 m in diameter. For this mission I am researching the scientific payload. I am interested in the BMX055 (IMU) of your company. To be able to integrate this instrument into the system and with that analyse its feasibility and design the scientific payload, some information is required.

    I found the dimensions, operating and storage temperatures. However, I need some additional information. Namely:

    - The power consumption of the IMU. I did find the minimum and maximum voltage but I would like to know what the typical voltage is as well. Furthermore, I found the current of the individual sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetormeter. I was wondering if this specified value is for one single sensor or for the three together as this IMU contains three of each sensor.

    - The mass of the IMU.

    - The dataoutput. The format and the amount of data output specified in bits. This information will be used by the communications engineer to size the antennea etc.

    - I would like to know if this IMU is radiation hardened. If not, what would be required to make it radiation hardened. Mainly considering the cost of this procedure and the chance of an increase in mass and volume (specified in numbers).

    - If any, what additional parts should be added to be able to implement the instrument in the system.


    I would appreciate it if you could provide me with this information so that we can make our graduation project a success.

    Thank you in advance.


    Kind regards,

    Kimberly van den Bogaard

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    - The power consumption of the IMU: It is the sum of the Magnetometer, Accelerometer and Gyroscope.
    - The mass of the IMU : ~ 0.0275g
    - I would like to know if this IMU is radiation hardened: No

    The rest of the information you shall find the the datasheet. For help with the programming, we have a free to use sensor APIs. Follow the links on our website to download them.


    One fair warning however, is that the BMX055 is designed for the consumer electronics industry, not aerospace.


    Usage is at your own risk.