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    BMX055 gyro x-axis vibration

    BMX055 gyro x-axis vibration

    New Poster

    Hello team,

    I used BMX055 sensor on board. At some moving position, there will be a huge vibration noise on the gyro x-axis on some sensors, but others are good. 

    What could be the potential issue?


    In the graph blue line is the x-axis readings, when I change another board doing exactly same movement, there is no such noise.


    I also tried to change the filter settings, but the noise is still there.

    I also check the bit4 at the register 0x3C rate_ok, which is always 1 in real time when the noise appears.

    A BiST is enabled and it returns bist_fail = 0, bist_rdy = 1 at register 0x3c. 

    Is there anything I can check more?

    Thank you.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    we need to evalute the vibration frequency.

    If it is same frequency of vibration all over the shelf or not? 

    If the bibration freuency closed to the resonate frequency of our gyro sensor,  it is possible to see this kind of output on the sensor. 

    You can try to switch the position of the sensor module and check if this phonamenan follows sensor or just specific position. 

    I think it  could be the resonating.

    But at this moment I don't have anything more sensitive than IMU to use for checking the vibration frequency. From the accelerator reading the vibration is 50Hz captured.

    What range of frequency may cause resonating in gyro sensor?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    20 - 30KHz is dangous range of resonant frequency to BMX055 gyro MEMS unit. 

    If you only read out as 50Hz which should be in safe range.

    To verify if it is not a sensor issue,  i suggest to change the position of BMX055 and test again or switch the position with BMX055 has normal output.