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    BMX160 + BSXLite integration

    BMX160 + BSXLite integration

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    I am developing an application using a BMX160 and the BSXLite library.

    I've read the integration guide was wondering if anybody could clarify the following:

    1) Refering to the Table on page 7 of the guide (screen capture below) about the ODR settings, I am assume this is specifying the required configuration settings for each of the 3 sensors. Is that correct?

    2) I am really unclear about how often I need to feed the library data via the bsx_dostep call. Do I need to feed it at the ODR rate? That is, should I be calling this function at a rate of 100Hz to supply it the accelerometer and gyroscopic sensor?

    3) Table 4 on page 14 shows a list of support data rates (screen capture below). What does Output data rate actually mean in this context?

    4) Section 4 states "...The core & controllers should have sufficient resources (ROM/RAM) for library processing" but doesn't specify what they are. In particular, is there any indication what the stack requirements are?

    5) This has been asked before, but I can't seem to find an answer. For the arrays of values that are passed in via the bsx_init function, what do they mean? Does the BMX160 configuration need to match these values in some way?


    Thanks for any help.






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