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    BMX160 FOC for accel and gyro PROBLEM

    BMX160 FOC for accel and gyro PROBLEM

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    Hi everyone

    Following the BMI160_driver  I was able to receive data from gyro and accel of BMX160 sensor. Now I try to apply Fast Offset Compensation to calibrate the output data. Following the BMI160_API  I implemented the snippet below but it returns error -11 which means BMI160_FOC_FAILURE. The error code is returning from the trigger_foc(offset, dev) function (line 2512 bmi160.c file) and going on step further I found that the reason for error -11 is due to the fact that foc_status = 0 and never becomes 1 as you can see at the image below. I do not know either what does it means or how to fix it...

      struct bmi160_foc_conf foc_conf; // na - FOC configuration structure
      struct bmi160_offsets offset;    // na - Structure to store the offsets
      foc_conf.acc_off_en = BMI160_ENABLE; // na - Enable offset compensation for accel
      // na - FOC configurations - Datasheet pg51
      foc_conf.foc_acc_x = BMI160_FOC_ACCEL_0G;         // na - x axes is 0g relative to the earth graviry
      foc_conf.foc_acc_y = BMI160_FOC_ACCEL_0G;         // na - y axes is 0g relative to the earth graviry
      foc_conf.foc_acc_z = BMI160_FOC_ACCEL_POSITIVE_G; // na - z axes is 1g relative to the earth graviry
      foc_conf.foc_gyr_en = BMI160_ENABLE;  // na - Enable FOC for gyro
      foc_conf.gyro_off_en = BMI160_ENABLE; // na - Enable offset compensation for gyro
      rslt = bmi160_start_foc(&foc_conf, &offset, &sensor);
      if (rslt == BMI160_OK) {
        NRF_LOG_INFO("OFFSET VALUES ACCEL X : %d ", offset.off_acc_x);
        NRF_LOG_INFO("OFFSET VALUES ACCEL Y : %d ", offset.off_acc_y);
        NRF_LOG_INFO("OFFSET VALUES ACCEL Z : %d ", offset.off_acc_z);
        NRF_LOG_INFO("OFFSET VALUES GYRO  X : %d ", offset.off_gyro_x);
        NRF_LOG_INFO("OFFSET VALUES GYRO  Y : %d ", offset.off_gyro_y);
        NRF_LOG_INFO("OFFSET VALUES GYRO  Z : %d ", offset.off_gyro_z);
      } else {



    The strange thing is that if I bypass the if(rslt == BMI) statement, then some results are printed for some of the axis (but I do not know if they are correct) as you can see below


    Any advice from the experts?

    Thanks in advance







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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    If the foc_rdy is always 1, can you check the reigster 0x02 after time out? 

    Only for the printed offset value, looks fine but it is not just simple answer.  you can also compare the data before and after FOC to see if data quality becomes good or not. 

    In case, please also print out the related register content  (power_CONF, FOC_CONF, others used in the FOC function) for further debug.

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    Hi Vincent,

    Thank you for your support!!

    Well, I figured out that if I increase the timeout period then foc_status becomes 1 after 525ms. This is quite strange and I cannot understand the reason. The datasheet says " Foc_rdy is "0" while the measurement is in progress. Accelerometer and gyroscope values are measured with preset filter settings. This will take a maximum time of 250ms". In my case, it means that are needed 525ms to take the measurement?

    Also, following your advice, I printed out the register content (after the timeout) from FOC_CONF(0x69),  ERR_REG(0x02), STATUS(0x1B). 

    From the images below you can see the results. The first screenshot is for timeout <10 (10 x 25ms step) and you can see that after 250ms, foc_status is still 0 and is returned the error -11. FOC_CONF = 01111101 and ERR_REG = 10000000 based on the datasheet looks fine but STATUS = 11110000

    Reisters with 10.png

    After increasing the timeout (timeout<30 -> 25ms * 30 =750ms) I saw that foc_status became 1 after 25ms * 21 = 525ms. There was change neither to FOC_CONF nor to ERR_REG but now the STATUS = 00111000

    Reisters with 30.png

    I cannot understand this behavior 😕 Maybe this is somehow related to my settings? These are my setting = BMI160_I2C_ADDR;        //0x68
      sensor.interface = BMI160_I2C_INTF; //0x00 = Acc_i2c_Read;
      sensor.write = Acc_i2c_Write;
      sensor.delay_ms = Acc_delay_ms;
      bmm150.dev_id = BMM150_DEFAULT_I2C_ADDRESS; //0x10
      bmm150.intf = BMM150_I2C_INTF; = bmm150_aux_read;
      bmm150.write = bmm150_aux_write;
      bmm150.delay_ms = Acc_delay_ms;
      sensor.aux_cfg.aux_sensor_enable = BMI160_ENABLE;                            // auxiliary sensor enable
      sensor.aux_cfg.aux_i2c_addr = BMI160_AUX_BMM150_I2C_ADDR;          // auxiliary sensor address
      sensor.aux_cfg.manual_enable = BMI160_ENABLE;                                  // setup mode enable
      sensor.aux_cfg.aux_rd_burst_len = BMI160_AUX_READ_LEN_2;               // burst read of 2 byte
      sensor.accel_cfg.odr = BMI160_ACCEL_ODR_100HZ;               // na - output data rate - Configure accel to measure at 100Hz
      sensor.accel_cfg.range = BMI160_ACCEL_RANGE_2G;             // na - range = BMI160_ACCEL_BW_NORMAL_AVG4;   // na - bandwidth
      sensor.accel_cfg.power = BMI160_ACCEL_NORMAL_MODE;   // na - powermode
      // na - configure Gyro sensor
      sensor.gyro_cfg.odr = BMI160_GYRO_ODR_100HZ;                // na - output data rate - Configure gyro to measure at 100Hz
      sensor.gyro_cfg.range = BMI160_GYRO_RANGE_500_DPS;     // na - range = BMI160_GYRO_BW_NORMAL_MODE;   // na - bandwidth
      sensor.gyro_cfg.power = BMI160_GYRO_NORMAL_MODE;     // na - powermode
      bmm150.settings.preset_mode = BMM150_PRESETMODE_REGULAR; 
      bmm150.settings.pwr_mode = BMM150_NORMAL_MODE; 
      sensor.aux_cfg.aux_odr = BMI160_AUX_ODR_100HZ; 
      bmi160_set_aux_auto_mode(&aux_addr, &sensor);             


    Lastly, some measurements before FOC

    3. Before FOC.png

    Thanks for the support





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    Could someone from the moderators assist me?