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    BMX160 Mag Self Test fail and FOC Validation

    BMX160 Mag Self Test fail and FOC Validation

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    Hi everyone,

    Present i am working on BMX160 Sensor, As part Mag SelfTest i followed proceed like below 

    Till now i am able to read Device ID(0xD8) after this i am trying to do the self Test of Mag for this i did like below steps

    1)  Set magnetometer_interface to normal mode  

    2)  Enable magnetometer into manual mode  

    3)  Putting Magnetometer into sleep Mode by Indirect write 0x01 to MAG Register 0x4B   

    4) Trigger self test of magnetometer 

    5)  Check for self test completion status 

    6)  Validates the self test results for all 3 axes 

    When i run the code, everytime Magnetometer Y-Axis self test only passed, remaining axes are Failed, at the time testing i placed sensor on table in flat(z-axis pointing to Ground)

    1) Is there any procedure are there for Testing Mag self Test in physical activity of sensor like left/right moving of sensor etc?

    2) Based on Sensor position only we got result of test?

    3) If i did FOC how can i validate the sensor's raw data?

    4) In calibration of BMX160 what kind of operation should i do with offset values along with Raw data?

    Please help me to come out this issues.

    Thanks inadvance.



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    Community Moderator


    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Inside BMX160 the magnetometer is BMM150and the IMU is BMI160. Please see the attached PDF file for BMM150 self-test. Please see the attached another PDF file for BMI160 FOC inline calibration.