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    BMX160 - Sampling Rate and filtering

    BMX160 - Sampling Rate and filtering

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    Hi everyone,

    I am looking the block diagram on the datasheet  pg 14. The datasheet sais that the "The data from the sensor are always sampled with a data rate of 6400Hz for gyro and 1600Hz for accel."

    This is the ADC sampling rate right?

    Then the datasheet sais " The data porcessing implements a low pass filter configured int he Register (0x40) ACC_CONF and Register (0x42) GYR_CONF for aceelerometer and gyroscope, respectively."

    This LPF is implemented into the "DIGITAL SIGNAL CONDITIONING" module? From my undestanding, based on the ODR and the acc_bwp or gyr_bwp you can you choose the cutoff frequency Tables 13 & 15 right?


    Can you advise me of how should I decide what cut of frequency I have to use? I will place the IMU inside an insole and I want to read measurement with a frequency of 100Hz

    Thanks in advance



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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Both your understanding is correct. 

    To use which fliter depending on your desired noise level and output data rate. 

    If you want 100Hz output data rate,  you can select ODR as 100Hz.  then the fliter as normal. 

    If you need lower noise level,  you can choose osr2 or even osr4 fliter mode.    just put in mind,  osr4 have longest latency than osr2 than normal filter. 

    Then if your use case have also requirement on latency of the data output,  you need belance between noise and latency. 

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    Thanks for your great answer!!