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    BMX160 Wait states After read and Write

    BMX160 Wait states After read and Write

    are there any information regarding wait states after Read / Write actions for any register address?

    I just found defined waiting times after Self-Test (50 ms) and FOC (250 ms).

    What is with soft reset?

    What is with read and write for any other registers.


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    Community Moderator

    Hello godlyblade, 


    For BMX160, you need to use our BMI160 and BMM150 API.

    And there are delay functions accordingly. ( BMM150 - delay_us, BMI150 - delay_ms) 

    You can check that where is delay function when you need it. 

    Also, you can find some delay information for BMX160 in our datasheet as well.


    Hello Minhwan,
    I know the API functions and I already used them to test the device. But my really small target device is not able to integrate all the API functions in series, so I generated my own subset of functions. My code is working so in general it is fine.

    My problem is, that the datasheet you mentioned does not define the wait states apart from Self-Test and FOC. Or I have overlook it several times.

    So in other words, it would be great to have a timing definition in the datasheet and not just sample code where you have to decrypt the wait states. The API functions do not cover all use case scenarios.

    Best Regards

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    Community Moderator



    Our API delay code refers to datasheet, so it mentions not only FOC and self test, but also other parts. 

    Some comments don't match with current datasheet numbering, but could cover it. 

    I checked BMI160 API and there are comments why there is delay. 

    If you can't use our API for your limitation, please refer to our delay point in API. 

    I can capture sensor read for you based on API example. ( I think I already did for you though)