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    BMX160 accelerometer temperature compensation

    BMX160 accelerometer temperature compensation

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    Dear Bosch technical team,

    We have been using BMX160 IMU  for a while now.and are having  issues in accelerometer reading while operating during the period of entire day. The readings seem to be drifting and are following the temperature pattern of 24hr period. Apparantely, the magnetometer is being temperature compensated but XL is not. Looking for any sincere suggessting to resolve this issue soon. I would really appreciate if any one could direct me towards the potential solution to this particular problem.

    Thank you

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello bimalpaneru,

    For your feedback "having issues in accelerometer reading while operating during the period of entire day.", could you give detailed descriptin? include your test data.

    Hi BSTRobin,

    Here is the plot of the raw readings from the sensor's x-y-z axes.
    The  sensor orientation were kept fixed.
    BMX160 sensor setting were 25Hz sampling and data were recorded for 10hour period approx. every 2 seconds.

    The scatter seems too much for the level  of instrumentation we need. We are requiring to measure  with +- 0.1 deg of margin. The sensor  mounted on our assembly out in the field tend to follow the temperature pattern of a normal day i.e a bell shaped pattern. The field sensor setup is only collecting few datasets every hour. Therefore with the level of uncertainiy you see in the image below BMX160 data seemed very unreliable for measuring orientation of a static structure say a power pole. Looking for a techincal advice to compensate for the temperature induced drift in the chip for the accelerometer.

    Thank you.




    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello bimalpaneru,

    Sorry for the delay reply.

    For your data in the picture, do you have data log with excel format?

    And need you confirm the following sensor config:

    Range: ?

    ODR: 25 Hz

    Power mode: ?